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Top 5 tips for marketing on Facebook

There are so many topics concerning Facebook and how to strategize for the best results possible. In this article, we will cover the Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tips that are guaranteed to deliver more exposure to your brand, or company.

Facebook is an excellent online tool to put your brand and/or product in front of millions of potential customers. According to online studies, almost 4 million companies advertise themselves on Facebook. And 93% of Marketers use Facebook to advertise.

Let’s give you some quick crazy numbers to blow your mind. The earth has a population of 7.6 Billion people. 2.32 Billion of those people use Facebook actively on a monthly basis.

That stat leaves a little wiggle room for people that use Facebook, just not on an active basis.

The probability of your brand’s success on Facebook is extremely high.




Facebook has accommodated their advertising experience to make it easy for companies and individuals to gain exposure. The online giant has also made it very easy for you to connect a credit card or PayPal account to take your money for advertising.

But are you getting results?

If you didn’t get the results you hoped for, Facebook will not return the money you spent back to you. The objective is to spend your marketing dollars wisely so you’re not handing Facebook money.

Without good Facebook marketing practices, getting little to no results is very possible.

We don’t want to see you lose money.

Doing things correctly on Facebook’s advertising platform will guarantee results and boost your company’s social network visibility.

The best part about this is you actually make money, and if your competitors are not using Facebook then you are steps ahead of them.

Let’s dive in!


Marketing, Facebook, Digital Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Online Marketing, Advertise, Social Media Marketing,



If you have already begun your voyage it’s ok, these tips can help you adjust and move forward. And if you’re just starting out, let’s get you up to speed.

Below is a list of essential tips to know when embarking on your journey to advertising on Facebook.



Sounds simple enough. Just like your company logo and visual identity in the “real world” your profile picture is the first interaction an individual has with your company on Facebook. You want something that stands out and represents your brand’s message in an instant. As a company or brand, this will usually be your logo. However don’t just drop your logo there, make sure it is cropped correctly so the full logo appears or adapt the logo accordingly so it looks good.



For a company that is invisible on Facebook, posting a photo of a new product and letting it sit there is a death sentence. Creating a post that attracts likes and comments is a must. Getting to know your target audience and engaging with them not only helps you gain a larger Facebook audience but lets you build your brand with the consumer in mind. So, connect, follow an account in your field, like, comment. It’s called social media: be social!



Posting frequently and consistently on Facebook will let your audience know you are not a fly-by-night company that is open for business once or twice a week. Posting and engaging frequently will communicate to your audience that they can send you a message and engage back with you because it is likely you will respond. If they do communicate, a quick response goes a long way. This will also enable you to get featured in your follower’s feeds more frequently and increase your brand’s visibility.



A consumer needs to feel a sense of value with your content, brand, or product in order to engage. Yes, your competitor may not be on Facebook but there are other industries that are, and they have been hitting your same audience with materials advertising their products. What makes yours any different?

Your audience needs to know if they engage with your brand’s profile, they will somehow win, hence you also win. Sharing quality content is key because you don’t just tell your brand gives value, you show it.



Last but not least: advertising on Facebook.

Advertising on Facebook can look daunting and complicated but if you dive into it, you will realize it is not scary as it looks. For beginners, boosting posts will be the easiest. If you are a little more advanced, you might want to look into creating campaigns.

Whether you do it on your own or use a marketing professional is completely up to you. The point is it gets done because this will produce the best results. We will warn to strategize carefully because you can waste your recourses if not done correctly.

It’s difficult to condense Facebook campaigns and boosting posts into a few sentences because of the abundance of elements involved.


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