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How to get your company to the top of Google?

Most, if not all Marketing professionals can agree they have been asked this question by clients numerous times. The straight-forward answer to how to get to the top on Google doesn’t exist. Instead, the answer can be condensed into one word: strategy.


Most business owners and founders leave the tasks of marketing their company to professionals with experience. Marketing and advertising online produce the best results when the brand, company, or individual sets aside a budget for it.


Whether they hire an expert marketing agency or build an in-house marketing team the objective is simple. Get the biggest return on your investment or ROI.




When you keep strategy in mind getting to the top of Google doesn’t seem to be such a complex action. Having a well thought out and executed strategy can ensure success with online advertising.


There are many ways to prepare your online marketing strategy. The key factor is that your strategy contains the main components required to compete on Google.


For your understanding, we have included a list of the most valuable components of a successful marketing strategy. As well as a graphic you can save for later reference.

How to get your company to the top of Google? Quick guide to get your company to the top of Google - SEO tips - Hot to get to the first page of Google - Search engine optimization - AHBC Group - Marketing Agency Miami


Website Design – Your website is your frontline of action for your company on Google. Your website needs to be sleek, visually appealing, and easy to navigate for visitors.


Blog – A blog with engaging content will act as a conversational piece for your audience to gain knowledge about certain subjects. This will provide your audience with something of value when engaging with your company, hence building trust.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Research the most commonly used keywords and phrases related to your company, location, service, and industry etc. Use these in your content throughout your website and social media platforms.


Social Media – The more content and outlets you have online for an audience to engage with your company the better the chances they will. Build your social media following for your company to interact with the people who are interested in you.


Note: If you have a product, this will help someone purchase your product with the push of a button.


Google My Business – Having your company on Google’s directory of businesses will add to the force of your strategy. Google crawlers will combine all the information related to your business ie: name, address, and phone number to use as a reference when providing search results to their users.




Using keywords and search phrases in your content is a big factor for producing a great ranking on Google.


If you are a marketing company in Miami Florida, you want terms and keywords in your content that would identify you as such to not only a viewer but to Google’s crawler algorithm as well.


Having a location page on your website where you mention the area or areas you service would be a key factor. This would also give you a weblink that can also include the keywords you are wanting to rank for on Google.


When your webpage or content is producing the best value and content for a Google searcher to click on Google will start showing your page first.




For the best results when aiming for the top page of Google your best option is to hire an agency that has the knowledge and experience to deliver these results.


AHBC Group is a full-service marketing agency in Miami Florida. We specialize in the success of a company’s growth through marketing. We believe marketing is about embracing your clients as partners and contributing to their development and growth.


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