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We developed a Marketing Strategy, Branding, and marketing assets for sustainable lifestyle and products curation brand Noraina. Noraina offers products made with natural components, which are reusable and ethically sourced. Products categories include Shopping, Kitchen, Bath, Fashion, Kids.




Our main challenge was to position Noraina as a reference in the consciousness segment, while educating consumers and raising

concern about the sustainability issues, with an increasing number of brands getting into this segment.



Market research showed that brands promoting sustainability, whether developing their own products or curating and selling other sustainable brands’ products, were focusing on a few ideas in terms of communication:
– Earth, planet, sustainability
– Ocean
– Nature
– Helping others, acting for the greater good
We also noticed some communications in the sustainability segment could evoke a feeling of guilt, blocking the connection with certain customers, and creating the impression of one single person not having an impact.



Noraina’s philosophy is to raise awareness and help people make more conscious choices, transforming their lifestyle one step at a time. With a core target being women, especially mothers, we decided to focus on the nurturing instinct of mothers, translating it to the planet.


Noraina Lifestyle.
Nurturing me, my family, and our planet.

In addition, we are putting the individual and her family first. We know that buying decisions have to serve the customer and their family first and are only saying that this particular decision will also have a positive impact on the planet, without sacrificing efficacy or design.



Initial moodboard




We worked on reflecting the concept through the branding and visual identity, developing a palette of earthy tones and conveying an authentic but polished and well design image through the logo and layouts. We illustrated the nurturing idea with illustrations of a lily flower, symbolizing rebirth, and motherhood.